Show Information- Kateryna and Havrylo

Kateryna and Havrylo by Claire Borody; Anthony Ferens and Rachel E Smith; Keeley Image Photography

Show Description:

Kateryna and Havrylo are an elderly Ukrainian-Canadian couple who find themselves on unexpected fantasy adventures. What begins with ordinary rural Manitoban activities, like mushroom picking or ice fishing, quickly turns into other-worldly adventures. Using only their wits, they have to escape Mushroom Henchmen, a King Fish and the dreaded Baba Yaga. 

Comedic, fun and adventurous, Kateryna and Havrylo is sure to delight audiences while honouring Ukrainian heritage so prominently ingrained in Manitoba’s culture.

Artistic Team:

Written and Directed by: Claire Borody
Starring: Rachel E Smith, Anthony Ferens, Satara Subedar, Ben Robinson Hoppa and Sarah Struthers 
Stage Manager: Anika Dowsett 

Show Details: 

Rating: General 
Classification: Physical Theatre