Rachel E Smith

Rachel E Smith is an actor, director and writer working in theatre and film. She is passionate about creating original work, often experimenting with artistic form and frequently commenting on social issues. Rachel has a formal education from the University of Manchester, UK where she earned a Master of Arts in Theatre and Performance. Previous to her time abroad she studied at the University of Winnipeg receiving a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Theatre and Film. In addition to her university education, Rachel has gained practical experience through a combination of working under established theatre and film artists as well as through self-navigation. She has worked as an Assistant or Associate Theatre Director with Royal MTC, WJT and especially with Sarasvàti Productions. Some of her independent directing credits include Fractured ExpectationsJim Forgetting and Mother, a la carte. As an actor, she is passionate about working on independent productions, she specializes in physical devised theatre, often self-producing much of her own work. Some of these credits include Persona, Insomnia, RED and Tourology: A Mindy and Marge Adventure. Rachel’s artistic focus broadened when she started working in the film industry and she quickly gained experience with both professional and independent productions. Some of her leading roles in indie films include Flamingo House, Leave Me Want Me, and Family Business. She also wrote, directed and starred in the digital short On My Way To Nashville, which is now being developed into a feature film. 

As a passionate and self-motivated artist, Rachel endeavours to constantly better herself as an artist, always setting new goals and taking risks. She actively pursues opportunities relating to theatre and film. She currently lives in Winnipeg, Canada but aspires to have an international career.

To find out more about the work Rachel has developed, check out the creations page!

Rachel E Smith; Ady Kay Photography