This page is intended to be a taste of some of the original work Rachel E Smith has created and/or collaborated on. This is work that has been developed from scratch either independently or collaboratively. It does not include work that began with a pre-existing script.


On My Way To Nashville

Created and Performed by Rachel E Smith

Project Description:

On the way to following her dreams, an aspiring musician finds herself living on the streets in a strange city. Stranded and hopeless she accepts her fate. Forever changed by her circumstances, April shares how she learned to survive through storytelling, music and satire. 

Inspired by real stories and accounts, “On My Way to Nashville” is a larger project two years in the making. Initially planned as solo theatrical production, it was developed into a short digital performance for the Winnipeg Digital Fringe Festival. The project is now being further developed into a feature film. 

The digital short was written, directed, and performed by Rachel E Smith. It also featured original music and lyrics by Rachel E Smith. Reisha Hancox was the Cinematographer and Editor, Bianca V. M. was the First Assistant Director and Boma Cookey-Gam was the Boom Operator. A special consultant on the project was Matthew Mwaura.

Photo Credit: Keeley Image Photography



Created and Performed by Rachel E Smith

Project Description:

It’s hard to get a break in the music industry. You could have the most amazing voice in the world and not even come close. Sometimes your chances all depend on personality. Kelsa believes that if she can create a memorable persona, she can make it.

Persona explored personalities from various genres of music. The performance was fun and entertaining while examining some the challenging realities faced by musicians. Persona was performed as part of IMPACT presented by RAW Winnipeg. IMPACT was an artist showcasing event featuring artists in a variety of artistic disciplines. The event featured visual artists, photographers, fashion designers, make-up artists, musicians, and more.

Photo credit: Paul MacLean and Mary Vallarta

Fractured Expectations

Developed Through Collaboration

Directed and Produced by Rachel E Smith

Project Description:

What kinds of expectations do you have in life? Finish your degree and immediately find your dream job? Go on a blind date and find the person of your dreams? Expectations can become a positive mantra to help you achieve your goals. Other times they can be a curse— an endless stream of disappointments. Fractured Expectations was a comedic exploration of how to survive in a world of well wishes and inevitability.

Fractured Expectations explored the theme of “expectations” through the journeys of four characters, played by Alicia Coulson, Jacob Janzen, Matthew Lupu and Erica Wilson. Sandy Klowak was a collaborator and stage manager. Lead by Rachel E Smith, the artistic team collaborated to create the show’s outline but most scenes relied strongly on improvisation, so audiences never saw the same show twice. It was presented as part of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival.

Poster and Graphic by: Rachel E Smith


Insomnia was a collective creation produced by Kaitlin Aiello and Rachel E Smith under company Antiscian Productions.

Project Description: 

Insomnia was a movement based performance piece that explored the relationship between sleep and restlessness. It was inspired by the secrets hidden in darkness, the only time when we are in a state of unknowing. When we sleep we are unaware of ourselves and our surroundings. Even those who suffer from insomnia often experience a warped perspective of consciousness which is clouded by exhaustion and frustration. The performance captured the unconscious moments of body twitches, tosses and turns, and restless fits that many people experience in the late hours of the night.

Featuring Performers: Anthony Ferens, Jacob Janzen, Jennifer Genest, Kaitlin Aiello, Maria Grant, Natalia D’Abramo and Rachel E Smith; with stage manager Sandy Klowak and artistic adviser Leigh Anne Parry.

The performance ran for the full duration of Nuit Blanche (6:00pm-4:00am). Audiences were invited to come and go as they pleased. Insomnia was part of Nuit Blanche Winnipeg and was an Illuminate The Night Open Call Project funded by Winnipeg Arts Council.

Photo Credit: Keeley Image Photography

Where We’re Bound

Created and Performed by Rachel E Smith

Project Description:

Home is a concept that sparks different ideas, memories and feelings for everyone. Some people long for their childhood, some long for future goals, others connect to a place they once visited where they felt a sense of belonging. Sometimes home has negative associations that cloud the mind with bad memories.

Where We’re Bound was developed through a series of conversations and art sessions with residents at the Red Road Lodge, a transitional housing facility. Over the span of three months, residents shared stories, memories, feelings and ideas associated with “Home.” The collected work was developed into a short solo performance with the focus of incorporating the vast range of feelings that were expressed. Where We’re Bound was performed at the Edge Gallery as part of the exhibit: Home.

Photo Credit: reTouch Media


Created and Performed by Rachel E Smith

Project Description:

Fairy Tales are timeless stories that hold no loyalties to any one place. They are tales of the world passed down through oral traditions and the written word. They teach us lessons, take us on journeys and provoke our imaginations to make the impossible come to life. Little Red Riding Hood is one such tale. Versions of the story about a girl and a wolf come from all areas of the world and the repertoire of stories continues to grow.

RED was developed through extensive research on various adaptations of the story as well as the academic literature that surrounds Little Red Riding Hood. RED was a project four years in the making. It incorporated several different versions of Little Red Riding Hood which resulted in an intertextual performance; a collage of artistic inspiration. It began as an Undergrad Thesis at the University of Winnipeg which developed into a Master’s Thesis at the University of Manchester, UK. From there it was developed into a stand-alone performance. In addition to the full productions, a ten minute excerpt was developed for Sarasvàti Productions’ FemFest Cabaret.

Photo Credit: reTouch Media

Mindy and Marge 

Antiscian Productions

Character Background:

Mindy and Marge were comedic characters developed by Rachel E Smith and Kaitlin Aiello. The two expert travellers were a bumbling duo who often found themselves lost and off topic. They liked to give “expert travel advice” which should not be followed by anyone who hopes to stay safe while travelling. Marge was an adventurous bookworm, who always had her notebook with her and provided audiences with the most informative facts. Mindy focused more on the shopping and pampering side of travel. She liked to pass on her own worldly knowledge, usually to the displeasure of Marge.

Mindy and Marge were first created as part of Antiscian Productions Fringe show Wanderlust. They were such a crowd favourite that the pair returned the following year with their own show Tourology: A Mindy and Marge Adventure which toured in the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals. After Tourology, Mindy and Marge presented two informative lectures: Iceology: A Mindy and Marge Adventure and Worldly Rituals: A Mindy and Marge Presentation.

In addition to their performances, the duo were often found appearing at local festivals to be met with smiles and laughs from new observers and previous audiences alike. Their success was a combination of satirical humour and family fun. Whether they were bumbling around at a festival or doing a presentation, Mindy and Marge always brought laughter to audiences with their silly antics and banter.

Photo Credit: Blair Bouskill


Created and Performed by Kaitlin Aiello and Rachel E Smith under the company Antiscian Productions.

Project Description:

What could be better than leaving the wide open Prairies to travel the globe? Surely there’s no downside, right? Travel and Homesickness: two inseparable words. Two women join together to examine their own experiences as well as those documented by others through a variety of mediums; the result of which is a devised production that is sure to be captivating for anyone who has ever left home.

Wanderlust was the first performance created and produced by Antiscian Productions. It began as a long distance collaboration starting with creative writing based on the theme of “homesickness.” Once the initial material and research was collected, the creation of Wanderlust reconvened in Winnipeg. The material was then experimented with through physical and artistically abstract examination. Wanderlust was developed and performed in a physical devised theatre style. It was presented as part of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival.  

Photo Credit: reTouch Media

The Magic of Belle Vue

Created and Performed by Dhana Cartmell, Cuiyan Wen and Rachel E Smith in Manchester, UK.

Project Description:

The Magic of Belle Vue was a project in collaboration with the University of Manchester and Chetham’s Library. It was a performance based on the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens, an entertainment park that existed between 1836 and 1981. Belle Vue was the first of its kind and continues to be unique in comparison to other entertainment parks. It consisted of an amusement park with rides, festivals, concerts, theatrical performances, competitions and a zoo. It had nightly fireworks and its own kind of Hollywood boulevard consisting of the handprints and footprints of celebrities like Davy Jones of the Monkeys. Disneyland modeled after Belle Vue, and other entertainment parks may have as well.

The performance was created by using archives and conducting interviews in order to gather material. The interviews were with people who attended or worked at Belle Vue before it closed. The interviews were also added to the Chetham’s collection as Oral Histories. The archives used as research were part of a collection at Chetham’s Library; it was a large collection consisting of photographs, newspaper articles, old programs and posters, and other such artifacts.

In order to create The Magic Belle Vue, approximately 145 years’ worth of material was used to inspire a 30-40 minute performance. Two performances were created, one for the community and one at a Primary School, for children between the ages of six and eight.

Photo Credit: Zhijun Chen